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Middle School Course Description Book
First page of the PDF file: Middle_School_Course_Selection_Book_February_2023

Highlights of the middle school schedule:

  • Meet MYP requirements while providing choice for students

  • Maintain an A/B schedule

  • Extended block for Math and English Language Arts with the flexible option for science and social studies
  • Provide Level 1 and Level 2 supports for students in extended block classrooms to allow for full participation in electives
  • Provide Level 3 and Level 4 instruction in special education classrooms
  • Instrumental Music everyday for interested seventh and eighth grade students
  • World Language every other day for all students
  • Physical Education for one semester every other day for seventh and eighth grade students with the option of full-year participation
  • Physical Education every other day for all sixth grade students
  • Provide students the opportunity to specialize their elective studies in 7th and 8th grade or continue to explore all of the different disciplines